October 1, 2018

Aspirations (for water and people)

Did you know that all water aspires to be beer?

Pure_Water_Brew.jpgI confess I suspected as much, but this fundamental truth was confirmed for me at the WateReuse Symposium I attended recently in Austin, Texas. Enterprising brewers from water-scarce areas, as well as those pushing for sustainable use of water resources, have formed the Pure Water Brewing Alliance to build public understanding of the water cycle, showcase water treatment, and advance water sustainability.

“We believe water should be judged on its quality, not its history,” the Alliance touts.

Did you know that beer is 90% water? (The average adult human is 60% water.) Pure Water Brew from Oregon — where else? — is one of the best-known beers brewed with treated sewage water. “We call this beer ‘Pure Water Brew’ because the water used to make it showcases cutting edge water purification technologies,” they state. “When it went into the brew kettle, this water was some of the most pure on the planet.”

Here’s the text on each can of Pure Water Brew:

WARNING: (1) All water has been consumed before and will be consumed again. (2) This water is more than 4.6 billion years old. (3) All water aspires to be beer.

For a list of brewers that use recycled wastewater, go here: https://www.wef.org/purewaterbrewingalliance (The nearest to Chicago are some home brewers in Milwaukee.)

I am off to a big water and wastewater conference in New Orleans and will post a report from the 18-wheeler beer truck that will be providing samples from members of the Pure Water Brewing Alliance. Folks, it’s the part of my job I take seriously....I’m doing this for YOU!

Many people ask me about the candidates on the ballot for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District in each cycle. Here’s who I am endorsing for the November 6 general election.

For the six-year term:

  • Debra Shore #51
  • Kari K. Steele #52
  • Marcelino Garcia #53

For the two-year term (unexpired term):

  • Kimberly Neely Dubuclet #59

For the two-year term (unexpired term):

  • M. Cameron “Cam” Davis #61

Some background: Kari Steele and I have served together on the MWRD Board for six years. Kari is trained as a chemist and has worked in labs at both the Chicago Department of Water Management and MWRD. She is a strong conservation advocate and an excellent member of the Board.

Marcelino Garcia serves as the Director of Community Affairs for the Cook County Health & Hospitals System. He has worked in management and budget for the state of Illinois, earned a law degree from Northwestern, and is a native of Puerto Rico.

Kim Dubuclet has served in the Illinois General Assembly and is currently a government liaison for the Chicago Park District, a post that prepares her well for partnering on stormwater solutions for communities across the Chicago region.

And Cam Davis — who made history by winning the write-in vacancy in the March primary with 54,000 votes — brings deep knowledge of Great Lakes issues and challenges from his work as former executive director of the Alliance for the Great Lakes and as President Obama’s lead for seven years of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Finally, while my prospects for re-election look promising, I am taking nothing for granted and will be out on the campaign trail until the polls close on November 6.

Will you help me cross the finish line as a winner by contributing to my re-election campaign? The money I raise helps pay for literature, a smattering of signs that we’ll place at key polling locations, gas for travel across this vast county, and handwarmers for our volunteers.

Thank you!