February 18, 2020

Please Don't Flush

Last Thursday I was proud to stand with representatives from environmental groups, public health and public safety experts, as State Representative Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz introduced the Illinois Drug Take-Back Act (HB4888), which would establish a statewide collection and disposal program for unused and expired meds overseen by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and funded by pharmaceutical manufacturers.
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November 19, 2019

A More Perfect Toilet

Yes, it’s that day I told you about: World Toilet Day. Since I became a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago nearly 13 years ago, I’ve learned a lot about sewage, sewers, and sanitation.
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October 1, 2019

What Friends Are For…and Your Sewage District Fall Activity Offerings!

Lois and me.jpg

My best friend, Lois, now lives in Durham, North Carolina. We’ve known each other all our lives—literally, since we were about two years old. We’ve lived in different cities since high school but have made it a point to see each other and stay in touch. It was from Lois’ family that I gained an appreciation for camping, hiking, and the great American West.
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August 26, 2019

Making Our Places More Like a Sponge

Since it’s World Water Week (Aug 25-30), let me be your source for fascinating facts, book recommendations, and a wet weather playlist!
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June 12, 2019

Our Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet, Hot, Wet World

By now many of you may have heard that the month of May was the wettest on record for northern Illinois since we started measuring rainfall in 1871, outstripping the prior record May for rainfall, which occurred just last year.
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May 24, 2019

My Turn

It’s been 12 years since I joined the Board of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) and you’ve watched me, and buoyed me up, on my remarkable journey. Consider just a few of the achievements I’ve had a hand in...
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